Microbial Testing


We test cannabis products for the three required microbes and have an additional two tests available.


The 3 required tests for Washington cannabis products are:


  • Shiga toxin e.coli = STEC a type of BTGN – otherwise known as EB or Enterobacteriaceae
  • E. coli
  • Salmonella


We utilize organism-specific 3M Petrifilm™ as well as a salmonella test developed by Romer Labs to ensure we accurately detect these microorganisms and pathogens.


In addition, we also offer a “total aerobic bacteria” test and a “total yeast and mold” option in our “full panel” of testing for a small additional cost. These can be helpful for CBD companies that formulate tinctures or edibles to help ensure consumer and product safety and documentation in the absence of other regulations.


Microbial testing requires that we culture and grow any bacteria that might be present so we can visually confirm and count them. This means they take a minimum of 24-36 hours to perform, therefore microbial tests take a minimum of two days for turnaround time.


We also have the capability to do DNA-based confirmations for e.coli and salmonella as well as other select compounds. Contact us for more information!


Want to screen clones for powdery mildew before you bring them into your facility? Do you ever wonder if your plants are male or female before they’re big enough to form reproductive parts, or if your kratom will make your sick from salmonella? We have tests for all of this. Contact us for pricing and availability!

Microbial Fail
Microbial Testing