Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive an email notice when the results are posted with a link to the result file. There is a longer and a shorter version to view, go here for instructions. Once you have the view you prefer, click in the upper right “download PDF” and you can save/print the file.


You can also access all of your test results at any time through our client portal. You will need to login using the main email on the account.

R&D = research & development. We will send you a PDF of your results (and you’ll be able to access them via our client portal), but we will not share the data with anyone else (LEAF, traceability, or WSLCB) unless you explicitly give us permission. R&D samples can be manifested to us and marked as “non-compliance” samples for traceability/tracking purposes. Samples might not be manifested to us in the case where it’s a legal adult’s personal product or it’s a CBD-only product and the company is not a WA-licensed cannabis licensee.


“Compliance” testing or “I-502 testing” means we upload the required test results into the state’s traceability system, Leaf Data Systems. Currently, all pesticide and heavy metals testing falls under “R&D” unless the product is manifested as “medically compliant” when submitted to us.

We do accept samples from private individuals who would like to confirm package claims or test for other contaminants or ingredients in their personal use or medical products. The amounts any individual drops off need to be within the WA state legal limit for adults to possess under RCW 69.50.4013.


We also accept “CBD-only” hemp flower and other intermediates and products with less than 0.3% THC from companies that grow, process or formulate these types of products.

All of our client information is confidential, therefore test results or Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are not available to the public. Please reference the retail store where the product was purchased or the individual manufacturer’s website for this information.

All we need is a completed sample order form either sent via our website before the samples arrive or accompanying them during drop-off. This order form is also our Chain of Custody form, which is signed upon transfer of samples to our front desk. If you submit it ahead of time, a copy will be waiting for signature at the desk when the samples arrive. We do not require advance notice, but it’s helpful to know if there are a lot of samples.

All the white areas on our COC/order form are required to be completed by the client requesting our services.


The sections are:


Upper left: contact and company information – So we know who this is for and who to send results to.

Upper right: manifest numberIf there is a transport manifest through Leaf Data Systems, input the manifest number in this section.

Sample name – This will be the name of the sample on the report; you can be as general or as specific as you’d like.

Matrix – Indicate briefly what kind of product it is: flower, topical, tincture, concentrate, distillate, isolate, edible, “other”.

Last 4 of LEAF IDThis is ONLY for samples manifested through the WA traceability program – this makes it easy to cross-reference the sample with LEAF identifiers. Leave it blank if the sample is not manifested through Leaf Data Systems.

Check one per sample section – I-502 compliant means this sample’s results should be manifested in Leaf Data Systems. We will report the required quality assurance results to the traceability system. “R&D” or “Non-QA” means we will directly email you the results and no one else will view them.

• For each individual sample, check the box of the various tests you need run. Please reach out to us if you’re not sure what to select.

• The 3 day rush column is an additional $50 per sample. Our guaranteed turnaround time is 5 business days (generally 1 week from drop off, but sometimes sooner).

“Special Instructions or Notes” section – If you have a non-standard test or other information to communicate to our staff, please put it in this section.

• The bottom orange section will be signed the moment the samples are dropped off. This is the legal chain of custody where the driver or courier gives possession to our staff.


If you have any questions about our order form, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff at 253-382-6900.

The “I502 Cannabinoid Only” test is for any product that has already had the other I502 testing. Intermediates refers to anything within the spectrum of that product or sample that has been previously tested. WAC 314-55-102 has definitions for testing requirements.

Yes, we can only accept cash, check, and money orders. We apologize for this inconvenience; however, this is due to federal banking restrictions.

Sample preparation for microbial testing often includes an incubation period to encourage growth for bacteria, and yeasts and molds. This period can be 24-48 hours long, and allows us to accurately measure the microbes in a sample.

There are many ways microbes can be introduced to a sample. It’s best to handle samples the same way you would handle food – make sure your hands and equipment are clean before handling and processing.

We test for Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2, and Ochratoxin A. They are the most common and most toxic forms of mycotoxins.

For potency, we can test salves, tinctures, and edibles for THC. If the matrix is very complicated (lots of ingredients), we prefer to get blanks in order to account for any matrix effects.


For pesticides, we have not been validated for any of these matrices. We prefer NOT to run pesticides on finished products for tinctures, salves and edibles.


For metals, we currently run these matrices but we prefer to just test the oil/isolate that is going into these products because of the microwave digestion prep. However, we will test the finished products.

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