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Information about using our portal:
You need to use the email that you submitted on the New Client Form when you set up the account. You can reset your password using this email.
Once you are successfully logged in, you can monitor the status of your samples and view all your previous samples tested with us.

You can view shorter or longer versions of your reports.  On the “completed” page, click “COA” and you’ll get a browser view of your results.

Where to click to see a more detailed report.

If you’d like a shorter version summary version, click the blue text “hide below LOD”. If you’d like a longer version that shows all the compounds we test for, click the blue text “show below LOD” on the left side near the name of the test:

How to sort results based on LOD

If you want to download and save the pdf to share, click on the red “download pdf” text on the top right corner.

You can also get a QR code that will send customers/clients directly to our test results. You can use it on packaging, marketing or other materials. To access this, click the “actions” menu bar on the left side of the “completed” page and choose “QR”.