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It’s no mistake that the Puyallup Tribe named our cannabis testing lab Medicine Creek Analytics. We’re actually interested in medicine.

Aligning well with a philosophy that values what nature has provided while viewing medicine holistically, the Puyallup Tribe’s interest in creating our lab centers around innovative healthcare as well as smart business.

As a state-certified cannabis testing lab, we provide all of the important tests for recreational marijuana, but we’re also uniquely qualified to provide medical marijuana testing because our mandate includes researching and developing clinical grade medical marijuana to service the Tribe’s Salish Cancer Center.

Quality medical marijuana testing more important for cancer patients
The immune-compromised state of cancer patients makes the quality of medicinal marijuana very important. While some labs in Washington State seem more than willing to fudge results to facilitate business goals, we take the plight of medical users seriously, providing the following highly-accurate tests in our ISO 17025 certified lab: 

Obviously, these same tests hold value for the recreational marijuana user as well, whose interests Washington State has recently protected by making analysis of cannabis for pesticides a mandatory piece of I-502 testing.

For more on our efforts to standardize and innovate medical marijuana, read Tacoma Weekly’s write up on the Puyallup tribe’s vision for medical marijuana.