Lab Technician


Lauren Christiansen received her Bachelor’s of Science in Genetics and Molecular Biology from the Evergreen State College in 2016.


As part of her undergraduate education, she was a part of a undergraduate research team, discovering and studying novel species of tardigrades. Lauren utilized PCR method to isolate and extract the CO1 gene of tardigrades, and recorded images of the unique physical characteristics of tardigrades using a Zeiss Universal Compound Microscope and a Scanning Electron Microscope.


After graduating, Lauren volunteered at Bloodworks Northwest blood drives, and eventually worked at Bloodworks Northwest Research Institute as a technologist, extracting DNA from blood samples and separating blood parts for further analysis. After Bloodworks NW, Lauren was introduced to the cannabis industry in Washington state when she worked as a lab technician at Steep Hill Labs.


At MCA, Lauren continues to work as a lab technician, intaking and preparing samples for analysis, determining moisture content and water activity of samples, completing microbial and mycotoxin testing, and assisting the other lab staff with their projects when needed.


Outside of work, Lauren enjoys spending time with her family, knitting, playing video games with her friends, and exploring the Pacific Northwest.